During the years we have been cooperating with many companies and we have been participating on various interesting projects located worldwide - Europe, Asia, North America.


We are participating at the maintenance of the existing control system for hardening shops, which is able to guide furnaces for quenching, hardening, tempering... We are also involved in the integration of the existing system into cloud solution and development of the additional cloud based services.

Andritz Maerz

For Andritz we have developed Advanced Furnace Control system for Walking Beam Furnaces, where we have implemented metallurgical model for steel temperature calculation including prediction of the temperature and based on this our system is able to control and optimize furnace performance.

Tenova Metals Deutschland

Tenova (former Technometal) asked us to develop own, multi tier architecture for Level 2 systems controlling vacuum aggregates in secondary metalurgy (RH and VD/VOD) including implementation of the metallurgical models for alloying, deoxidation, degassing, temperature prediction, chemical heating...


We were participating in the development of the Level 2 systems for various aggregates used in secondary metalurgy. We have created process control software for Electric Arc Furnaces, Laddle Furnaces and Vacuum Degassers.

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