Welcome to our company web page. We are tiny passion-run company providing programming and computer services.

Our Specialization

We are experts with over 15 years of experience with development of the Level 2 automation software and SCADA systems. We cooperate with various companies located in Europe and America.

Programming Languages

During our existence we have had passed through variety of the programming languages starting with Delphi, switching to .NET (mainly C#), and Java, which we use until now and develop for our customers mainly in these two programming languages. Besides these main stream we have experienced also several projects in pure C or C++.

Database Support

Our solutions support basically any SQL database on the market. We have implemented a huge variety of the database servers including MS SQL, Oracle, MySql, MariaDb. If the database server should contain any logic, we are capable of programming stored procedures, triggers, functions, etc. in T-SQL or PL-SQL languages.

Development Tools

For Java we use NetBeans and Eclipse development environments, for C# and C++ we use Microsoft Visual Studio.

Team development

Usually we are cooperating with customer internal programmers, so for the full integration of our services we use source repositories like GitHub or SVN. With this approach we always give full controll of the source codes to our customers.

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